51Very classic noodles to eat, the baby must yo yo – Sohu maternal and child|Very classic noodles to eat, the baby must yo yo – Sohu maternal and child7

Very classic noodles eat, two days before the Baby Gap Yo baby sesame noodles launched by Sohu to chestnut when seasoning porridge also mentioned can also be flavored healthy ingredients — sesame sesame can not only calcium other aspects of nutrition is also very rich in nutrients such as is rich in vitamin E, minerals and its protein is higher than the amount of calcium is more lean meat can promote the baby’s bones, after shrimp tooth development in addition, sesame also contains the aroma of sesamol can play a role in promoting the baby appetite dialog the public number reply "sesame" will be able to receive it today with sesame sauce noodles fragrant taste delicious, but also good without additional add other spices Eat enough for some salt would not love to eat baby to replace the shopping list on the most suitable formula with sesame noodles: 70g, 40g, 40g of Chinese cabbage bean sprouts, cucumber 20g, carrot 20g seasonings: Sesame cooking methods: Cooking reference months: 18 months to the extent of difficulty: no note: for the difficulty of food allergy baby. * * 1: preparation and practice of 70g, 40g of Chinese cabbage, noodles, cucumber, mung bean sprouts 40g 20g carrot 20g, a spoonful of sesame. PS: mung bean sprouts is tender, eat light and refreshing, more suitable for eating fried bean sprouts; hard, suitable for soup. The greens can be used instead of small rape, cabbage or spinach. 2 after the water is boiled mung bean sprouts into the pot boiled fish. PS: mung bean sprouts nutritious mung bean during germination, vitamin C will increase a lot, and part of the protein will be decomposed into various amino acids required for human body, can reach seven times the content of the original green beans, so the nutritional value of mung bean sprouts more than green beans. But the bean sprouts dietary fiber is thick, not easy to digest, depending on the baby’s digestive capacity may be, it is recommended that some of the baby gradually added. 3 carrot peel and shred, boiling water poured into the pot boiled, and then remove. The other 4 from a pot, boil the water, the feathers vegetables into the pot boiled for 30 seconds. 5 cucumber cut into filaments, and then boiled carrots, Chinese cabbage and bean sprouts chopped. PS: the ingredients according to the baby’s size can be adjusted, such as just over the age of the baby to cut into Suimo like. 6 all the ingredients were put into a small bowl of standby. In the 7 sesame pour a bit of cool white boiling water, stir, let sesame and water are mixed together. 8 boil water, add noodles cooked. PS: I usually add two times of cold water in the cooking process, after adding a surface after boiling, boil and then add cold water once again after boiling, finally can remove the. 9 cooked, remove immediately put in cold boiled water. PS: cold water is to let the freshly cooked noodles shrink, over cold.

14Zhang Junan, Xiong Yu no longer served as deputy general manager of China Unicom, Party members|Zhang Junan, Xiong Yu no longer served as deputy general manager of China Unicom, Party members0

Zhang Junan, Xiong Yu no longer served as deputy general manager of China Unicom, Chinese members of the party office Chinese Unicom official micro-blog Sina Francisco November 1st message, Chinese Unicom official micro-blog said that due to changes in the job, Zhang Junan, Xiong Yu no longer served as deputy general manager, China United Network Communications Group Company limited, members of the party office. According to previous media reports, the former party secretary of China Telecom group, chairman Chang Xiaobing was investigated before, Xiong Yu has also been reported to investigate, and Zhang Junan had to assist in the investigation of the case of Mr. Chang Xiaobing. Changxiaobing event review: July 2016, approved by the CPC Central Committee, the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the China Telecom filing review group, the former party secretary, chairman Chang of serious disciplinary problems. After investigation, he a serious violation of political discipline, interference of the central special inspection work, not conscientiously perform their main responsibility comprehensive strictly, feedback to the central inspection teams rectification ineffective implementation; a serious violation of the spirit of the eight Central provisions; a serious violation of discipline, by taking advantage of their positions in the selection and appointment of cadres to seek benefits for others, and accepting property, in violation of state owned enterprises "three big" decision-making system, do not report personal matters according to the provisions of serious breach of integrity and discipline. According to the relevant provisions of the "Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations", the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee for consideration and approval of the CPC Central Committee decided to give Mr Chang expelled from the party; approved by the Ministry of supervision of the State Council, given its dismissed from punishment; confiscated their discipline proceeds; their alleged crimes and clues and involved and transferred to judicial organs according to law processing. Background: Zhang Junan, male, born in March 1957, in February 1973 to participate in the work of Communist Party members, senior engineer. Served as director of Anhui Province: Bengbu City Post Office, deputy director of Anhui Province Post and Telecommunications Bureau, deputy general manager, general manager of Anhui telecom company, Anhui Telecom Company Limited chairman, general manager, deputy general manager of China United Communication Co Ltd. Deputy general manager of China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd., Party members. Xiong Yu, born in December 1969, in August 1991, the Chinese Communist Party members, graduate, senior engineer. A former general manager and director of operation Department of Huaihua Telecom Bureau, Zhi River Telecommunication Bureau of Huaihua City telecommunication company assistant China Unicom Hunan branch director, general manager of Chenzhou branch, Changsha branch general manager. July 2009 China Unicom Nanjing branch general manager. 2010 was transferred to the general manager of Hubei unicom. General manager of China unicom marketing department in December 2013. 2014 China Joint Network Communications Group Co., Ltd. party members, deputy general manager.